Cosplay References

My daughters and I are going to SacAnime for the second time next month. We all want to dress up and cosplay, so I’m in the process of making four different costumes. This post is to show some references shots for me to work from.

Youngest daughter is really into Homestuck, so she wants to go as “Dave Strider”.
dave_strider_logo_slashed_by_kagemane123-d52pdpi-7157 fem_dave_strider_by_the_leeward_voyage-d5sqym2Striders-the-striders-29960258-738-850





My middle daughter wants to go as “Robin”, specifically the “Damien Wayne” version.
damian Damien-Wayne-Robin-Wizard-World-Philly-2013 FG1JNSRHKM8SPJR.MEDIUM












My oldest is a huge “Resident Evil” can and wants to go as “Claire Redfield” from “Resident Evil: Code Veronica”.

1620320_805877949425436_2141934002_n Claire_Redfield_RE_CV_by_Claire_Wesker1 claire2













I’m going as “Ichigo” from the anime “Bleach”.
ichigo_kurosaki_cosplay_by_hawkwalker-d2xhl1v Ichigo-kurosaki-ichigo-8722700-700-1414

Starting Over

DramaticThe old blog got hosed, and I lost everything. No backups. Ah well, it gives me a chance to start over and see what I can come up with this time. That is my ugly mug to the left. You’ll see on the sidebar links to some of my other sites.